P.I.N.K. Team

Cynthia Pasquella

Cynthia is a respected Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), touted as one of Hollywood’s favorite nutritionists and holistic life and wellness coaches. Her clientele includes celebrities, top models, professional athletes, and busy executives.

Graduating from DePaul University, Cynthia chose to further her studies in Clinical Nutrition, Holistic Health, and Mindful Awareness Research at UCLA and the Natural Healing Institute. Cynthia wanted to bring the solutions she discovered to the world. And so, the P.I.N.K. Method was born.

Jenna Phillips

In 2000, Jenna Phillips was in a traumatic accident. When she awoke from her coma, doctors informed her they had discovered her Type 1 diabetes. In recovery, she found the recipe for building a healthy life, and felt compelled to share her knowledge with others.

A certified holistic lifestyle coach, Pilates Plus and Spinning instructor, Jenna now brings her teachings to P.I.N.K. Phase 1, where she will lead workouts to build endurance and a strong base, just using light weights to target every muscle in your body.

Lisa Christie

Lisa Christie is IDEA certified in aerobics and Energetics - aerobics and prenatal exercise. She is also a certified personal trainer and instructor in Yoga, Pilates, Traditional Kung-fu, Water Aerobics, Dance Fitness and Gymnastics.

In P.I.N.K. Phase 2, Lisa will help you step up the intensity, and work on muscle development for that chiseled look while challenging your agility and pushing yourself to the next level.

Basheerah Ahmad

Basheerah Ahmad is considered one of the fastest rising stars in the fitness industry. With over 15 years of experience in health and fitness, she has trained celebrities including Carrie Underwood, Vivica A. Fox, Jordin Sparks, Fantasia Barrino, Chante’ Moore and many more.

In P.I.N.K. Phase 3, Basheerah will push you further than ever before as the P.I.N.K. principles work together for maximum calorie burn. You will not only look good, but you will feel better than you ever imagined.