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What Do I Eat on PINK?

The foods you’ll be enjoying on the P.I.N.K. Method are nutritionally dense and absolutely delicious! You’ll find simple and quick recipes – designed with busy women in mind – that incorporate the powerful duo of “plants and protein.”

Each phase of the P.I.N.K. Method offers a totally unique “blueprint,” or combinations of foods that fuel your body for the P.I.N.K. workouts! You’ll know exactly which light proteins, low-calorie vegetables, slow carbs or slow fruits you should eat, and we even provide meal plans for you to follow for over 80 days! There is no guesswork involved!

What you WON’T find in the diet are processed or sugary foods, but you WILL fall in love with the healthy foods your body is craving. Don’t think it’s possible? You’re in for a treat!

Here is an example:



The PINK Drink

You will pick from three delicious smoothies that were specifically designed to help you burn fat, rev up your metabolism, and leave your body alkaline and energized. This drink was designed for busy women who have to get up and out the door every morning and don’t always have time to start their day with a healthy meal. The PINK Drink takes seconds to make and will curb your cravings and keep you full until lunchtime!


PINK Drink #1

1 cup coconut milk or 1 cup almond

milk, hemp milk, or rice milk

1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

1 cup frozen (unsweetened) or fresh strawberries

Blend all ingredients together.


Want to mix it up? You can! Here is another sample breakfast:

1/2 cup cooked oatmeal or 6 oz non-fat Greek yogurt or 2 slices Canadian bacon

1 cup raspberries or ½ grapefruit or 1 slice sprouted-grain or gluten-free toast Green tea or coffee



1 bowl Black Bean & Turkey Chili or 1 Quick & Delish Veggie Burger or Citrus Chicken

1 medium apple or 1 veggie-rich salad



Mini BBQ Meatloaves or Tasty Veggie Tacos or Tasty & Timesaving Crockpot Roast

Rainbow Salad with low-calorie salad dressing

1/2 cup mashed butternut squash


Other delicious recipes include:

Broccoli Avocado Pesto Pasta

Turkey Avocado Starters

Citrus Herb Salmon

Southwestern Black Beans & Quinoa

Savory Lentil and Sweet Potato Chili

Oh My Gosh, I’m Eating Chicken Fingers on a Diet

Slim & Sexy Veggie Rolls

Best Veggie Burger This Side of Texas


Post-Workout Smoothie

Choose from one of the following:

Pink Drink 1, 2, or 3

Pina Colada with a Side of Green

Sweet and Simple

Slim, Sexy, and Green

Give Me Some Green Love